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What is Cove?

Cove is a suite of products to boost your earnings, without the hassle. The Cove ecosystem is launching in phases and includes:


Phase 1 (now)

  • $COVE: a currently non-transferable governance token.
  • Bazaar Launchpad: an uncapped batch auction for $COVE to help bootstrap protocol owned liquidity.
  • Boosties: the dedicated liquid locker and staking platform for Yearn, built with Yearn V3.
    • Choose between automatically compounding or directly claiming dYFI rewards.
    • coveYFI: a liquid locker for YFI.
    • dYFI Redeemer: public good to automatically redeem dYFI for YFI without holding ETH.

Phase 2 (late 2024)

  • Cove Protocol: the first onchain portfolio manager. Launching late 2024.
    • Eliminates loss-versus-rebalancing (LVR) which previously hurt liquidity providers.
    • Proprietary solver seamlessly matches individuals holding complementary liquidity positions, facilitating efficient trades without price impact, slippage, or MEV.

Phase 3 (~Q4 2024+)

  • AI-enabled strategies powered by Ritual x ████████.

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